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Parental responsibility: what does this mean?

by Parental responsibility can be the mythical creature to the uninitiated.  Many people (lawyers and laypersons) say the words, but unless you are in the know, it can be a confusing concept. Parental responsibility is a concept enshrined in the Family Law Act 1975.  It means all of the duties, powers, responsibilities and authority which by law parents have in relation
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Help! I want to change my child’s last name: Navigating the name change process in Queensland

by Changing a child’s last name is easy right?  Maybe, maybe not. While informally changing your child’s last name is as simple as writing that name on a piece of paper and/or declaring that the child will now be known as “Child LastNameX”, the process to legally change your child’s last name can be a little more complicated. In Queensland, if
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Separation on overseas holiday! What happens? Hague Child Abduction Convention

by Many children in Australia have parents that were born in a foreign country. It is common for these families to travel to the home country with the children for holidays or for the parents together with their children to move overseas for an extended stay. What happens if a separation occurs while the family is outside Australia and one parent
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To vaccinate or not – let's look at Arranzio & Moss [2015] Fam CA 544

by The issue of vaccinating children is a hot topic currently particularly given the impact it now has on Government benefits. The Family Court of Australia in the matter of Arranzio & Moss [2015] Fam CA 544 touched on the issue. This was a parenting dispute in relation to a 6 year old boy. The parties had diametrically opposed parenting approaches. 
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